FOR Personal Training

You would not be alone if you imagined Personal Training to be just about taking people to gyms and shouting at them to lift heavy weights?!

Is that really what Personal Training is all about? Not as far as I am concerned!

I believe that Personal Training is about so much more than that...

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FOR Fitness Classes

There are a huge variety of exercise classes! All are challenging but also enjoyable in their own unique way.

Exercise classes should offer participants real motivation which is down to the instructor.

I believe that the instructor should coach and inspire you to find your best form and take you to new levels each and every time...

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FOR Weight Management

I have seen so many people slave away in the gym day after day, yet they seem unable to reduce their weight, or shift the fat from those places where they don’t want fat!

Why is that?

The reality is that for all the calories they have burnt in the gym, the same number of calories (or more) are consumed through their diet, which means they will not reduce their body fat and it may even increase...

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