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Personal Training Offers

  • SPECIAL PRICE 1 hour Personal Training Taster session just £20!
    Not sure if personal training is for you? Discover the many benefits with this special price taster session at just £20.
    (New PT clients only - normal 1 hour price: £45)
  • Book 6 PT sessions for £240 and save £30 - just £40 per session!
  • Book 10 PT sessions for £350 and save £100 - just £35 per session!
  • Introduce a friend (at any time) who makes a multi-session personal training block booking, qualifies you for a FREE personal training session.
  • Introduce a friend (at any time) who books a single personal training session, qualifies you for a FREE exercise class.

Fitness Class Offers

  • Your first class is FREE*.

*applies only to classes managed and run solely by Neil Forsyth - please check for details.

Prices and Fees

Initial Consultation*

  • Free

*This includes an initial meeting, an analysis of your lifestyle questionnaire and assessment of your fitness goals.

Personal Training (per 1 hour session)*

  • Taster session: £20 - a special price session to see if PT is for you. (New PT clients only)
  • Single session: £45
  • 6 session block booking: £240 - just £40 per session and a saving of £30!
  • 10 session block booking: £350 - just £35 per session and a saving of £100!

*This is a 1:1 training session at a gym, outside, or at home, whichever your choice.

Please click here for terms and conditions.

Static Health Assessments

  • Blood Pressure, Body Measurements and Body Composition tests* and results analysis: £15

*These tests aim to help establish your fitness to exercise and measure your body fat percentage so that if your goal is to lose body fat there is a benchmark against which to measure progress.

  • Postural Assessment* and results analysis: £35

* This helps us to identify any issues with your posture which could cause weak or tight muscles and therefore your ability to train as effectively as possible. Corrective exercises can be recommended to help muscle strength and flexibility.

  • Running technique* and results analysis: £20

*Good running technique will help you to run more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury. Modern running techniques analyse the bio-mechanics of running.

Active Fitness Tests*

* These tests help identify your cardiovascular fitness, the endurance, strength and power of different muscle groups, as well as flexibility. The results will form the basis of the most appropriate training system for you.

  • Assessment and results: £50

Nutritional Advice

  • One to one consultation and recommendations*: £35

*This a 1:1 meeting to review your 7 day food diary and to discuss recommended changes to nutrition.

  • Home visit*: £40 per hour plus travel expenses

*This includes a 1:1 nutritional discussion, recommended lifestyle changes, analysis of your kitchen, advice about food labelling and a shopping trip to assist with purchase of food, etc.

Online/telephone advice*

  • Nutritional Consultation (telephone):
    • 30 minutes: £25
    • 1 hour: £40
  • Diet diary analysis and written advice: £75
  • Personal Training advice and written programme: £65
  • Exercise classes advice: £15

*Advice is provided by telephone or on line either instead of, or in addition to, 1:1 meetings. On line advice can be provided in writing by e-mail, or by Skype whichever you prefer.

Small group rates* (1 hour)

  • Train with a friend or partner: £50
  • Group of 4: £100

* This is your chance to have a joint PT session with a friend to add to the enjoyment or as group of 4 to enhance the sense of team spirit.

Family Rates

  • Please ask for details

Corporate visits*

  • £40 per hour plus travel expenses outside London
  • £50 per hour plus travel expenses in London

*Want to increase staff productivity and performance? I can provide advice and guidance across the spectrum of; health and fitness, employee well-being, nutrition and healthy eating, exercise, fitness, personal training and group exercise as well as running fitness and training sessions/classes on site.

Exercise classes

  • Your first class is FREE
  • Then single class rates:
    1. Boxercise: £10
    2. Circuit Fit: £10
    3. Outdoor Boot camps: £10
  • Block class bookings rates:
    1. 6 classes: £54 (Save £6)
    2. 10 classes: £80 (Save £20)
  • All other classes [Body Pump and Spinning]: see rate charged by individual club.
    Discounts for block bookings may be possible. Please ask for details.

Please click here from terms and conditions.

Special packages and events

  • Indoor, outdoor, summer and winter: details and prices on request.


  • Gearing up for a Wedding, Summer Holiday, Skiing, Christmas or shaking off that post-Christmas feeling?
  • Make a multi-session personal training block booking and get an extra personal training session FREE.

Children's Boxercise Parties

  • Fun Boxercise parties for up to 16 children aged 7 to 15.
  • Please ask for details.

Note: All multi session or class block bookings are to be paid in advance at the time of booking: see Terms and Conditions of business.

If you would like to discuss any of my services please feel free to contact me on 07711162364, email or complete the online enquiry form.