About Neil Forsyth

area of coverageHi everyone, my name is Neil.  I am so passionate about sport, health and fitness that I decided to follow my dream, pack in my job as a lawyer and become a personal trainer and exercise class instructor.  I’ve always wanted to do a job in sport and I am so pleased I made that choice!

As you can see I believe that it is never too late to make changes for the better and I really enjoy helping people make those improvements become part of their daily lives, so that you can feel good, look good and enjoy life to the full.

I live in Hook and cover an area that includes Basingstoke to the west, Alton to the south, Hartley Wintney, Fleet and Farnham to the east and Reading to the north.

I spent a lot of time listening to what motivates individuals and thought long and hard about how I could work together with clients to help bring them the benefits they aspire to. The key question is ‘what do you aim to achieve?’ With this in mind I wanted to offer a service that very much focuses on helping you make the changes that you desire a permanent part of your life, so that you can take those benefits forward and which gives you the ability to feel you have taken control of the future.

I recognise that this does not just mean working out in the gym or in exercise classes. In fact many of the most significant changes are lifestyle related and that is why I decided to enhance my skills and knowledge by focusing on nutrition and weight management, as well as developing a greater understanding of working with clients with a range of medical conditions.

I also believe that developing the confidence to look good and feel good about ourselves is another part of the bigger picture and that is why I am teaming up with other professionals that you will see on my website soon.

My website aims to guide you through and explain my services through the personal training options, exercise classes, weight management and FAQ’s. Continuing education and keeping up to date with all aspects of the health and fitness industry is vital, which is why I take the time to attend industry training days, workshops and innovative new courses, which you will see through my professional qualifications.

I am keen to bring these benefits to you, so you can reach your goals, and am committed to work in partnership with you.

If you would like to discuss any of my services please feel free to contact me on 07711162364, email neil@neilforsyth.co.uk or complete the online enquiry form.