What some of my customers have said...

"Undertaking fitness training with Neil Forsyth is an extraordinary experience. He has an ability to inspire and push his trainees to achieve more than they think possible, whilst his innovative style and extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology ensure that he can adapt to all abilities and fitness levels with ease. I have never trained with such a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic instructor – Neil is truly inspiring."

Liz Syndercombe, September 2013

"I am pleased to be writing this testimonial for Neil who has been instrumental in improving and maintaining my fitness and stamina for the last 10 years. This has been achieved through fun, purposeful drills and circuits, coupled with Neil's understanding of how to communicate and motivate the class!"

Colin Teesdale, September 2013

"Having regularly attended Neil's Boxercise classes for nearly 18 months, I can say he is awesome to work with, incredibly organized, and extremely knowledgeable on exercise and nutrition. Quite simply 'the best'."

Stan Goddard, September 2013

"Neil's dedication to fitness, along with his enthusiasm, has allowed me to not only meet but surpass my fitness goals. From boxing to running, he has answered every question and has always been ready with useful and informative suggestions on how I can improve my training. His passion for fitness is contagious and will certainly motivate you to 'dig deep' and push yourself to go that extra bit. Thanks, Neil, for your constant encouragement!"

Claire Collins, September 2013

"As a runner I was always sceptical about gym classes, feeling that my time would be better spent heading out for a run. This was until my first class run by Neil almost 4 years ago, two hours of intensive Boxercise flew past without me realising – that was until the next day that is, when I couldn't sit down for nearly a week without yelping.

Neil knows exactly the right moment to give a word (or two) of encouragement, when to stop counting up and start counting down, and just when enough is enough. And it's never tedious. There's always different exercises to do, so I never know what I'll be getting from one week to the next.
Neil pushes you to the limit and has a lot of experience in a variation of exercises which are fantastic for intensity and strength. It's brought out a lot of improvement in my own performance and I'm getting stronger and faster all the time. Whether you are completing a gym program, exercise class, boot camp, triathlon or run Neil designs the exercises to suit your current ability, takes in account any injuries and works on achieving personal goals.

Neil is incredibly thoughtful to individual needs and always makes me feel I've achieved something, even if it's only something small, so I come away feeling really good. Neil provides the full package; fitness, challenge, nutritional guidance, and fun! Sometimes sitting down can still be a bit sore, but I no longer feel the need to yelp!"

Sophie Skelton, September 2013

"I was introduced to Neil about 4 years ago when I decided to join my local Boxercise class to improve my overall fitness. I have been attending weekly ever since as I find Neil’s passion for health and fitness infectious.

Over the last year Neil has introduced me to Bodypump and written regular gym programmes to help me gain better core and upper body strength and improve muscle definition in my arms. I am so pleased with the results to date and am very much looking forward to booking regular PT sessions with Neil as I strive to shed more body fat.

Neil is a professional and keeps me motivated to push myself to achieve my goals."

Katie Law , June 2013

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